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Flood Stories is an interactive art exhibition about the 2021 flood disaster in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate.

The exhibition will be shown in 2022 in the flood-affected states and other regions in Germany as well as online. As part of the "Flood Stories" exhibition, those affected by the flood disaster will exhibit their works to artistically portray their various personal stories and experiences, document rehabilitation and reconstruction, and promote national solidarity. With the help of an art-therapeutic approach, the exhibition aims to help in the processing of the traumatic experiences and at the same time report on the immense solidarity of the local affected and national population.



- To stabilise the local population through art-therapeutic measures and through empowerment

- To document personal stories, destinies and reconstruction in order to empower those affected
- To promote national solidarity

The unique interactive art project methodology to promote relief, resilience, community building and participation.

Common effects of populations experiencing disasters and displacements are loss of resources, loss of community and an urge for their experiences and stories to be heard and recognized. Providing space for an affected population and survivors of disasters and supporting them in dealing with their often-traumatic experiences in a sensitive and empowering manner, may give them back a feeling of belonging and hope, decrease feelings of helplessness and depression. Using tools that go hand in hand with professional psychosocial support has proven to generate very positive results. Often there is a lack of facilities in situations of disasters and their aftermaths and there is a need for physical spaces to spend time, feel safe, get creative and to connect is essential. Creating such a space is also the basic idea of the methodology of this interactive art project. The methodology is further based on the active voluntary participation of its participants. As the methodology is based on using art-therapeutic principles, the project “Flood Stories” invites people who survived a severe flooding, express their stories, emotions, and thoughts on their experiences, focusing on the time after the event that was commonly experienced as a time of strong rebuilding, solidarity, and hope. Sharing their stories through art allows the beneficiaries to express themselves without words, as they may not be able to articulate it through words yet. At the same time, the exhibition and its content shall invite visitors from the affected population to relate and to get inspired. This methodology aims to address anyone being affected by a disaster. Designed as a travelling exhibition in the case of “FloodStories” even people outside the affected area can learn about the individual stories of this flood, leading to more understanding and strengthening the overall solidarity. Art is a very powerful tool to support relief and rehabilitation and can be well integrated with the physical needs and the needs for psychosocial support. This holistic approach of response is guiding the work of IsraAID Germany e.V. in all projects.

The homepage of the Flood Stories exhibition can be found here. There you can find the individual exhibition pieces as well as their stories.


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