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In the summer of 2023, Greece was again hit by a devastating forest fire season. IsraAID Germany responded together with ZWST and its local partner organisation KEAN and initiated a project to strengthen local volunteer relief and firefighting forces.

While acute emergency aid is initially provided through the delivery of special fire protection equipment, capacity-building trainings are to be conducted until the end of 2024 in order to train the volunteer groups to prevent and fight forest fires. This will be achieved, for example, through firefighting and first aid training as well as by providing the necessary equipment for firefighting. In addition, training courses were carried out in the field of psychosocial support, which addressed how to deal with one's own psychological stress and that of the affected communities. As part of the project, approx. 200 volunteer firefighters were trained to carry out firefighting operations for a total of 360,000 inhabitants in the impacted regions.


The project was funded by Aktion Deutschland Hilft (ADH) and was carried out during the period September 1st, 2021 to December 31st, 2022.



1) Local volunteer relief and firefighters improve their ability to respond appropriately to wildfires.

2) Local volunteer relief and firefighters improve their ability to help themselves and work with traumatized communities.

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