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Humanitarian aid and empowerment of refugees for people and communities in need

In the project HORIZON INTERNATIONAL, people with a refugee background jointly provide help to people in humanitarian emergencies.

In this way, HORIZON INTERNATIONAL builds on the successes and experiences of recent years and takes the idea of the multiplier effect a step further by having refugees pass on core aspects of empowerment and self-help through their own relief operations, while simultaneously providing important humanitarian emergency aid in crisis contexts. To this end, groups of refugees go through a training and empowerment process so that they themselves can provide humanitarian aid with IsraAID Germany where it is needed most.

The project HORIZON INTERNATIONAL thus empowers refugees to become actively involved in helping other people in need and to jointly support them in coping with their situation. In this way, the project pursues two objectives: On the one hand, the participating refugees themselves are strengthened through the empowerment process and their own commitment to other people. Secondly, a valuable humanitarian contribution can be made by sending the participants into crisis and disaster settings.


  • Refugee Roster participants gain a greater sense of self-efficacy

  • People who are facing humanitarian emergencies receive support in coping with their situation and its consequences.

  • Participants act as role models and promote the idea of empowerment and ownership among people in need through their own relief work.

  • Participants commit themselves to humanitarian emergencies worldwide and raise awareness for the project methodology of empowerment and dissemination

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