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Violence prevention and psychosocial support for refugee women, those at risk and counseling for shelters staff



Despite Germany's large number of experts in trauma treatment, there is a need for staff with specific experience in working with female refugees and victims of gender-based violence in the Arab world. Unfortunately, there are too few Arabic-speaking psychosocial specialists available.

The project

With IsraAID's multicultural experience and Arabic-speaking professionals, the program is able to foster psychosocial support, integration, and empowerment for women and other vulnerable groups. In addition, IsraAID provides culturally-adapted mediation and psychosocial consultation for shelter teams working with victims of gender-based violence within and outside of the shelters.

the goals

  • Empowering women in shelters and improving child protection and their personal safety

  • Supporting the development of violence prevention methods in shelters

  • Mediating between refugees and safety and support staff

  • Building and strengthening self-help structures

  • Integrating male refugees through targeted talks and workshops

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