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Psychosocial support for Yazidi refugees


The centuries-long persecution of ethnic-religious minorities in northern Iraq and especially the ongoing crisis since 2014, has motivated IsraAID Germany e. V. in recent years to implement various support programs for Yazidi refugees in Germany.              


The project HAND IN HAND BRANDENBURG supports Yazidi survivors through direct therapeutic, psychosocial support for Yazidi survivors, protection against gender-based violence and the empowerment of women.

The psychosocial care is realized through semi-verbal art therapy processes. In order to overcome language and cultural barriers, IsraAID Germany e. V. works with Kurmanci-speaking intercultural facilitators.  Existing projects of IsraAID Germany e. V, are carried out and offer benefits to successful graduates with a refugee background within the framework of empowerment and integration, and using local networks.



  • Reduction of psychological stress and post-traumatic symptoms

  • Strengthening the Yazidi community

  • empowerment of women

  • Support for integration and participation

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