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Integration through trauma management and leadership

The NAVIGATION BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG project offers ukrainian-language psychosocial care and supports the integration of refugees in a trauma center and inside and outside of refugee accommodation in Freiburg. The care is provided in the form of individual support, group activities and, if necessary, with open consultation hours.

As part of the integration work and the goal of helping people to help themselves, refugees receive support through resource-oriented coaching during which their self-healing powers are activated. This, in turn, can counteract and prevent psychological destabilization. Together with the accompanying supervision of IsraAID Germany, successful graduates of the group stage processes are stabilized and strengthened in their role as multipliers and role models for other newcomers.

In addition, employees in accommodation facilities are given specialized training and advice to improve their ability to assess the psychosocial status of refugees and their intercultural understanding. The teams are also supported in their professionalization and communication.



  • Coping with trauma and reducing psychological stress

  • Supporting the shelters in maintaining long-term psychosocial care for refugees.

  • Support for integration and participation through the implementation of group processes, which focus on strengthening one's own resources and on jointly planning and implementing support activities for other needy people.

  • Acquisition of theoretical knowledge related to trauma and psychosocial measures as well as advice for the employees of such facilities

The project is supported by the Ministerium für Soziales, Gesundheit und Integration (Ministry for Social Affairs, Health and Integration) (MSGI) from state funds approved by the Landtag of Baden-Württemberg.

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