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Would you like to join us in helping people in need?

In order to give you an idea about how we can provide support, thanks to your donations, we have compiled a  few examples. Of course, you can also choose the donation amount yourself.

To find out how we help with your donation, click here.

With this money we can, for example, organise a community event for refugees in host countries.

For this amount, we can distribute, for example, a survival kit for one person (including cold medication, first aidkit, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, thermos flask and a cooking set).

This will enable us, for example, to supply a stove for people in need for cooking and heating.

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We use your donation according to need

With your donation you become part of our support. We ensure that your donation is used where it is needed most at the time. Humanitarian crises are characterised by constant change and our response adapts to the prevailing needs. People sometimes have to leave their homes overnight and flee. While fleeing their own country, they often find temporary shelter in refugee camps as internally displaced persons. But even in other countries where they seek protection, the challenges do not stop. Uncertain prospects of staying, the trauma of past experiences and often prevailing isolation from the host society are just a few of the problems these people face.

Wie helfen wir?

This is how we provide help with your donation

IsraAID Germany supports these people during all phases of a humanitarian crisis. Directly in the acute emergency, we help by providing aid supplies such as food, medicine, heating aid for the winter and other essential goods that are requested directly from us. Psychosocial teams provide first mental stabilisation in order to be able to deal with the direct consequences of the traumatic experiences. After the acute emergency, IsraAID Germany supports the affected people through longer-term mental stabilisation, reconstruction assistance, capacity building, for example to prevent natural disasters such as forest fires, and the promotion of successful integration into the host country. Our aim is to strengthen people's resilience in a holistic way in order to be better able to deal with potentially recurring crises.

Bank Account

IsraAID Germany e.V.

IBAN: DE77 1004 0000 0219 0189 01


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