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Psychosocial trainings for shelter teams who work with refugees


The staff and volunteers at refugee shelters work daily with populations who have undergone traumatic experiences. Most of the shelter workers have received little training on psychosocial themes such as P.T.S.D. Therefore they must be provided with resources and practical exercises in order to professionalize their work.

The project

IsraAID’s psychosocial training project was initiated to expand the participants’ theoretical and practical knowledge of trauma, resilience, and culturally-adapted psychosocial approaches.

Die Ziele

  • Providing a psychosocial understanding of work in a refugee shelter

  • Acquiring theoretical knowledge of trauma, psychosocial measures, etc.

  • Practicing teamwork and functioning as a support group

  • Enhancing intercultural understanding

  • Encouraging open discussion and empowerment for shelter teams

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