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On September 19, 2021, La Palma experienced the longest and most destructive volcanic eruption on the island since records were kept (in the year 1585). The Cumbre Vieja / Tajogaite eruption lasted for three months and affected more than 7,000 people and 1,241 hectares of land.


Many of the affected families not only lost their homes, but also their main source of income (agriculture, vacation rentals to tourists, etc.). In the devastating first hours of the eruption, entire neighborhoods were buried under the volcanic outflow and families were immediately evacuated without being able to take even their basic belongings with them as access roads were cut off by the lava. Houses and properties not destroyed by the lava are in danger of collapsing as ash piles up on the rooftops and the land is no longer suitable for cultivation because of the layers of ash.


Among the evacuated communities are 5 schools that had to be relocated to a new location on the island. The children in these schools not only had to cope with the traumatic events but also had to get used to a new social environment. Parents and teachers were sometimes only able to provide limited support during this time, as they themselves are suffering from the strain of the catastrophe.


IsraAID Germany and the ZWST were able to establish partnerships with affected communities, schools and city administrations, which are now participating in the project. The primary aim is to support children in dealing with traumatic experiences and in finding their way in their new situation. Project activities include psychosocial support training as well as resource building for local service providers, art therapy and educational theater workshops for children and young people.


  • Improved PSS capacity of service providers working with children from affected communities

  • Reducing the psychological stress and anxiety of children from affected communities

  • Strengthening the empowerment and resilience of children from affected communities

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