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Trauma management and empowerment for refugees through multiplication

The HORIZON project meets the needs of refugees in shelters in Germany through a methodology that combines psychosocial support and an empowerment approach. Through multiplication, the potential of the committed group participants - the navigators - is used to specifically support newly arrived refugees in social aid campaigns.

The project is flanked by the component of psychosocial support (PSS), in which the PSS specialists from IsraAID Germany e. V. contribute to improving the mental health of refugees. This is done through direct PSS offers and by coaching service providers who work with refugees.

At the same time, HORIZON combines the competences of the project by merging the potentials of empowerment work and psychosocial support in a unique methodology. The PSS specialists are supported by the navigators, who are trained to actively assist in the psychosocial support work. In terms of the multiplication effect, participants make a valuable contribution to the community of refugees in Germany and to improving their general well-being.


  • support integration and participation.

  • Intercultural psychosocial support (PSS) and trauma management.

  • Multiplier groups conduct social relief campaigns.

  • Cooperation of the PSS specialists with the multipliers.

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