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Integration through trauma management and empowerment


In the project NAVIGATION BERLIN IsraAID Germany e. V., together with the Central Jewish Welfare Board (ZWST), has created a synergy of intercultural psychosocial support (PSS) and integration work through leadership groups.


A stable psyche is a basic requirement for a successful integration process. The intercultural mental health care project - available in Arabic, German and English - therefore offers project beneficiaries  low-threshold psychosocial first aid. The psychosocial counselling and art therapy programs offer help in reducing stress and have a stabilizing effect on traumatic symptoms. If necessary, the communication of coping strategies bridges the transfer to psychological support beyond the confines of the refugee shelters.

At the same time, social participation and empowerment processes have a positive effect on maintaining psychological well-being. Thus, taking a holistic approach, NAVIGATION BERLIN combines psychosocial support offers with integration offers, in which participants with a refugee background act as navigators in the leadership groups. They implement social projects for members of society and other refugees on their own initiative. In this way, the project participants actively participate in society and, as disseminators, act as role models for other refugees.


  • Intercultural mental health care and child protection.

  • Empowerment and promotion of integration through leadership groups

  • Linking empowerment and psychosocial support

  • Support and advice for service providers who work with refugees

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