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Protection and social inclusion for Ukrainian refugees in Germany


In response to the increasing number of Ukrainian refugees in Germany, IsraAID Germany, in cooperation with the ZWST, has now extended its humanitarian aid for the affected refugees to Germany also.  The current migration of Ukrainian refugees and asylum seekers thus merges with the still ongoing refugee migration since 2016. As a result, there are complex challenges in dealing with the current rapidly growing number of new refugees. There is still a great demand for services that meet the immediate needs of the refugees. In the work with these refugees, we see a lack of qualified trauma experts as well as a direct correlation between psychosocial and structural support for the refugees. In addition, there is a particular challenge in the wake of the current refugee movements to respond to the needs of traumatized refugee children and their mothers.

IsraAID Germany e. V. addresses these challenges by combining psychosocial support with an empowerment approach. The psychosocial support is closely aligned with the needs of the target group and is also made available to children through art therapy. Within the context of empowerment work, a dissemination approach is applied, which exploits the capabilities of the committed group participants and volunteers to support newly arrived refugees in a goal-oriented manner through social aid projects, by building up and strengthening their own community, and fostering their integration into the German host community.



- Psychological stabilization and long-term promotion of mental well-being.

- Intercultural psychosocial support (PSS) and trauma management.

- Empowering Ukrainian refugees through empowerment work and promoting social participation and inclusion.

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